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Should You Remodel or Just Move?  |  Help us reach our goal of 200 likes.
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Should You Remodel or Just Move?

If you're waffling whether 'tis better to work with what you've got or start fresh somewhere else, this architect's insight can help

; Houzz Contributor.
Do you stay where you are and renovate your existing house or do you move to another, maybe newer, house? How do you make that decision? Some will counsel you to leave that old house and buy something new. Others will tell you to tear it down and build new, while others still will tell you to stay and remodel. Read more...

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Notice anything different?

We have a new logo and a new division. 

At the end of last year we launched our new logo and brand.  Most of you know Arrow Contracting Service for our deck and railings; what you might not know is that Arrow Contracting has been in the interior remodeling business from the very beginning.  We decided we needed to showcase that aspect of our business better, so we developed Arrow Kitchen & Bath.  Don't worry though, we will continue to provide the deck and outdoor living services and expertise you have come to expect from Arrow Contracting. 
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